About Leah Boston

O hey friends!  Leah Boston here, currently navigating through this crazy journey we call life and hoping some of you will join me along the way. I am 30 years young living in the sometimes overwhelming, always fast paced, but never disappointing NYC area. While I do work full time in fashion, I have been juggling a side hustle for some time now that aligns with my very personal health and wellness journey. My personal story deserves a more detailed post all to itself but for now here are a few things I would like to share.

I began my wellness journey three years ago with a 200-hour RYT yoga certification which then turned into a passion for all things wellness. This led to all-encompassing changes in both my mental and physical well-being including a diet overhaul and a re-evaluation of the many food, skincare, and home-care brands/products I was using. Today I eat a mostly plant-based, gluten-free diet that supports local, small batch, organic brands. I practice yoga often, and enjoy teaching yoga locally in the North Jersey/NYC area. More recently, I have begun to question what spirituality and meditation mean to me and I am excited to see how this will fit into the larger holistic sense of “well-being” I’ve cultivated over these past few years.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly through my contact page with any questions or concerns you may have along with any requests for private yoga sessions, brand partnerships or workshop opportunities.  Here is to sharing the next stage of my journey with the hope of inspiring, motivating, and supporting you along your journey.